Setup Windows

Configure and install Windows applications

This is the minimum configuration recommended for Windows environment.

Manual configuration

Visual Studio Code

Install Visual Studio Code as it comes with useful WSL integrations.

Download Visual Studio Code Stable User Installer for Windows x64.


Install Terminus terminal to make your Linux experience smoother.

Download Terminus v1.0.87 installer for Windows.

Windows Subsystem for Linux

Read the official Installation Guide for Windows 10 for enabling the feature.

Automated configuration

Download windows-machine code to your local machine and follow steps to install the dependencies.

Start PowerShell with Run as administrator option to run the following commands.

Install dependencies

Install dependencies as listed in the windows-machine repository.

Enable WinRM

Start Windows Remote Management (WinRM) service and perform configuration actions to enable this machine for remote management:

winrm quickconfig

This will make changes to your firewall to allow remote access, so make sure your Windows machine is located in a secure network.

Execution policy for the PowerShell scripts

Change machine level PowerShell ExecutionPolicy to RemoteSigned in the LocalMachine scope:

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope LocalMachine

This will allow the PowerShell scripts to run on your machine. You can revert this policy afterwards.


Install Chocolatey package manager:

Unblock-File .\Base.ps1

Ubuntu on WSL

Install minimum development environment for running Ubuntu on WSL with the following commands:

Unblock-File .\Minimum.ps1


You'll need to follow the additional steps in the repository and reboot your machine a few times to get everything working.

See Troubleshooting for common issues during the configuration.

Install Docker for Windows

Follow Docker for Windows installation steps if you want to use Docker.

Install Ubuntu Linux

Download and install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS from Microsoft Store.

Start Terminus and open Ubuntu 18.04 terminal:

Terminus Ubuntu 18.04

Configure Linux

Follow instructions to download and setup a Linux machine.